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To ensure the durability and beauty of your hardwood flooring, many of today’s manufacturers use built in scuff resistant technology to keep floors looking their very best.  

Protective Care and Maintenance:

Every day care and maintenance could include sweeping, vacuuming or dry moping your hardwood flooring. Make sure to check with your manufacturer’s care and maintenance guide, in addition to their list of approved vacuum cleaners, before caring for your flooring.  If your flooring needs more than just a dry surface clean, talk to one of our experts who can order you a manufacturer specific cleaning agent.

Preventative Maintenance:

Be mindful of preventative maintenance for your new hardwood flooring; frequently trim your pet’s nails or remove your high heels and heavy boots before walking across the floor. Since hardwood flooring is also sensitive to the indoor climate of your home, use a humidifier during the dry heating season and run a dehumidifier during inclement weather. Add an area rug on top of your hardwood flooring to protect and enhance the interior design.

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