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Ceramic Tile Basics

Ceramic tile is made from clay that has been molded and then heated under extreme pressure. There are two main types:

  • Porcelain tile is a ceramic material that contains up to 50% feldspar crystal, which, when heated under extreme pressure, becomes a glasslike material with incredible hardness and durability
  • Non-porcelain ceramic tile is the traditional variety made from any combination of minerals that include white, red and brown clay

Ceramic tile of either type can also come in glazed or unglazed varieties. Glaze is a glass-like surface coating that can be any color or pattern. This opens up a world of design possibilities, while adding extra stain, scratch and moisture resistance to the tile.

Tile laundry room | Ceramic Tile | Carpet Exchange
Office tile | Ceramic Tile | Carpet Exchange
Tile bathroom | Ceramic Tile | Carpet Exchange
Tile backsplash | Ceramic Tile | Carpet Exchange


Tile kitchen | Ceramic Tile | Carpet Exchange


Tile bathroom | Ceramic Tile | Carpet Exchange


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Ceramic tiles are made from clay that is heated to very high temperatures in a kiln. This process of “firing” the clay hardens it, creating a material that is useful for all kinds of applications.

A versatile design option that works well in many different rooms of the home, tile is especially common in kitchens and bathrooms, both on floors and walls, as well as in outdoor spaces.

Tile sweeping | Ceramic Tile | Carpet Exchange

Tile Care & Maintenance

Tile flooring is perhaps the easiest to maintain and with daily upkeep will look beautiful for years to come. Care and maintenance tips are also simple and low maintenance, only a couple of minutes a day with a deeper clean once a week is all it takes to keep your flooring looking like new! 

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